Fertilization time

The intensive growth phase is the optimal time for nutrition. Foliar fertilization prior to the 12 leaf phase has been proven to reduce yield compared to fertilization at the 6-8 leaf phase. Therefore, for corn, it is advisable to use an inter-row application of nutrition that does not suppress the plant and does not come into contact with the root system.
To provide corn with the right amount of nitrogen, especially during the intensive growth phase, it should be applied in a composition that can ensure optimal nitrogen availability for the crop. UAN, urea, anhydrous ammonia contain nitrogen, are used at different stages of plant development and have different technologies of use. After all, depending on the form of nitrogen, the time of its assimilation will be different. The most accessible form of nitrogen is nitrate, which enters the root system along with water. Even if we take into account the fact that corn uses a lot of water during heavy rainfall, there is still a loss of nitrate nitrogen.
In addition, when applying urea to the soil surface, inhibitors should be used to reduce losses through evaporation. As a rule, it often rains in May, urease inhibitors protect the urea from evaporation to move the urea into the fertile soil layer. But anhydrous ammonia, introduced into the soil, stays there for a long time, subject to the working depth and the use of special equipment for embedding, to prevent spontaneous evaporation.

Cultivated varieties



The plant reaches a height of 1.3-1.7 m, produces cylindrical cobs, which weigh about 200-250 g. The grains are yellow, rather wide and elongated.



The grains are burgundy or dark red, wide, rounded on one side and pointed on the other. Tall variety. Cobs are large, sweet, productive culture.


Red Arrow

It has a height of up to 1.4 m. The plant branches well, and there can be up to 6 cobs on one branch.


Miracle bump

The variety grows up to 1 m, but has a high bushiness. Their length is 10-13 cm, they are cone-shaped.


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